Asians Fighting Injustice is a grassroots, non-profit organization dedicated to uniting the AAPI community in fighting against systemic injustice & hate. Our goal is to reduce Asian hate crimes in our local communities.

The organization is founded by Ben Wei, an entrepreneur, educator, and activist who most recently has donated 1M+ pieces of PPE to frontline healthcare workers, first responders, and marginalized communities during COVID-19. Ben was a lead organizer in hosting the largest protest against Asian Hate Crimes in modern history, with 10,000+ attendees coming together in NYC's Chinatown in response to the Atlanta Spa Shootings. Ben's work has been recognized by the NYC Mayor's Office, NBC News, CBS NY, and dozens of other media outlets.



Asian Activism Fund: Establish a nationwide fund to be used for rally organizers to pay for rally costs (speaker system rental, transportation, flyer printing, etc.). We will also produce a definitive playbook on how to host a safe & peaceful rally to be shared with activists around the world.

Call To Action Campaigns: Leverage technology to drive call to action movements around the country via SMS re-engagement, Social Media interaction programs, and media campaigns. Our current focus on Call to Action is "#CALLITAHATECRIME" which aims to lead our volunteers to reach out to their local electeds, District Attorneys, local media & networks to ensure that these attacks on our community are appropriately charged & labeled as hate crimes to the fullest extent of the law.

NYC Get Out the Vote Campaign: There are 1.25 million AAPIs living in New York City. Only 16% participate in local elections. Mayor De Blasio won the 2017 Democratic primary for mayor by a margin of 200,000 votes. These funds will be used to reach out to the NYC AAPI community, get them registered for the upcoming Democratic primary, and have them vote to help select the future Mayor of NYC as well as other electeds. We will demand from all candidates to go on the record on how they plan to address the recent wave of hate crimes if they're elected. We aim to keep them accountable once they are elected, and if they fail to deliver, we will back their opponents that will.

Asian Victims Aid & Justice Fund: Establish and operate a fund that will allow victim's and their families to apply for relief, to provide them with legal assistance, and encourage others with tips on hate crimes to come forward. The fund will have a staffer that will verify the victim's relationship and track where the money goes.

Hate Crime Tracker: Establish a nationwide real-time hate crime tracker that will push out notifications to our influencer network so that they can spread awareness of hate crimes that have been committed. We will embed Call to Actions so that real change is made -- e.g. helping identify criminals at large, pushing for legislative change, etc.

Organization Launch: 501c3 non-profit incorporation, organizational setup, technology, staffing & resources. Continue to update, enhance and manage the definitive one-stop resource for all things related to AAPI hate crimes.

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FOX5 on Founder Ben Wei's Chinatown Work (video)